Mohammed al-Koor’s family in Daraa, a story of strength and steadfastness

Daraa, SANA – The almost 8-year-old child Mohammed al-Koor was riding his bicycle in front of his house in Daraa city when suddenly a mortar shell fell nearby and a piece of shrapnel pierced his body and lodged in his spinal cord. That moment has changed Mohammed’s life forever as he lost the ability to walk and had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Mohammed’s father, Basel al-Koor told SANA reporter that the disability of his child and the deteriorating material situation did not prevent him from sending his son to school to continue his scientific attainment.

He stressed his determination to do his best and work hard to ensure a decent life for his family despite the suffering and difficult circumstances, noting that he prefers to remain in the homeland and to live in dignity over riding the wave of migration like other people.

For her part, Mohammed’s teacher at al-Qosour School in Daraa, Amani al-Issa, noted that the injury has affected Mohammed’s educational level, hailing his passion to learn and efforts to improve his reading, spelling and writing skills.

Mohammed’s parents urged concerned parties to determine the number of the children who have sustained severe injuries over the past period and provide them with necessary health support.

Rasha Raslan


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