Zasypkin: Syrian National Dialogue Congress important step to solve Syrian crisis

Beirut, SANA- Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, stressed that the National Dialogue Congress in Sochi is an important step to solve the crisis in Syria.

Speaking to al-Manar TV on Monday night, Zasypkin said that the goal of the Congress is to hold a national dialogue among the Syrians themselves.

He affirmed that Russia doesn’t intend to impose anything on the Syrians and that the agreement between the Syrians is the basis according to Russia.

“Since the beginning, we have affirmed the necessity of restoring Syria’s sovereignty over all its territories, and that combating terrorism is a top priority,” the Russian diplomat said.

He added “We want to complete the mission of combating terrorism,” indicating that the attack against terrorists’ strongholds in Syria is continued.

Zasypkin clarified that the US is against holding this Congress and it has provoked the “opposition factions” to not attend the congress, adding that Washington opposes Moscow not only regarding the congress, but with regard to anything that could help solving the crisis in Syria.

R. Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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