Higher Council for Tourism grants incentives to investors willing to set up projects in Syria

Damascus, SANA – The higher Council for Tourism provided special advantages and incentives to the investors willing to set up tourist projects, thereby helping to overcome the challenges facing investment and secure the requirements of the reconstruction process.

The Council, during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, granted a number of companies a conditional approval until submitting the executive scheme for a maximum period of three months to establish a teleferique in al-Haffah area to connect the town of Maysaloun with Citadel of Salah Ed-Din.

It also approved the investment of a tourism complex project at Ugarit, the establishment of an ecological tourist village in Samra area of Lattakia, all of which aim at improving the business conditions of tourism and creating a large number of job opportunities in a community based on tourism, as well as supporting of the national economy.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to evaluate the performance of Higher Council for Tourism and come up with effective proposals to develop its work, pointing out the importance of developing new mechanisms so that the tourism sector becomes one of the most important factors of economic growth.

He also urged the investors to establish tourist projects for low-income people to boost popular tourism and give an image to the world about stability returned to the Syrian provinces due to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army.

Emma /Mazen

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