Mikdad: Washington’s step to form “an armed militia” aims to divide Syria, prolong crisis

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that the US announcement to form “an armed militia” in the northeastern part of Syria is an attempt to divide Syria and prolong the crisis in the country.

Mikdad added in a phone call with al-Mayadeen TV Channel that the desperate attempt is doomed to failure amid the sweeping victories and achievements made by the Syrian army and its allies.

He added that Syria was not surprised by the US move which serves American, Gulf, Israeli and western agendas whose aim is to destroy the region, indicating that efforts exerted by Washington, its agents in the Gulf and Turkey and its tools inside Syria to undermine Syria’s unity and sovereignty were in vain.

Mikdad expressed confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to foil the conspiracy, affirming that the Syrian army and its allies are ready to thwart all attacks on the country.

He highly appreciated Russia’s stance and condemnation of the US move which may lead to divide Syria.

Mikdad reaffirmed that the presence of foreign forces on the Syrian territory without coordination with the Syrian government, like the US and Turkish troops, is aggressive and illegitimate.




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