Khamis inaugurates 50th edition of monthly “Made in Syria” shopping festival

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis opened the 50th round of the monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” at al-Jalaa Hall in Mezzeh in which 130 national companies specialized in food processing, textile, engineering and chemical industries are taking part.

Premier Khamis on Wednesday toured the exhibition’s pavilions and listened to the participating industrialists’ viewpoints and comments regarding the tangible improvement of their production which rose by 40% compared with 2016, saying that this increase contributed to promoting locally-made products, deceasing prices and offering discounts which, in turn, positively reflected on product marketing, economic viability and customer satisfaction

The exhibitors highlighted the government’s efforts to revive production process and re-operate factories and industrial facilities through a series of facilitations including the issuance of regulations and laws, granting loans, rehabilitating industrial cities and areas, restoring infrastructures and overcoming obstacles which hinder national industry, not to mention facilitating the importation of raw materials.

They added that the festival conveys an important message about Syria’s steadfastness and the recovery of national industry and the ability to preserve the good reputation and high quality of Syrian goods despite the war.

The participants saw in the festival an opportunity to market and promote their products, in addition to meeting families’ basic needs and supporting national economy.

In a statement to journalists, Prime Minister said that the festival is another outcome of the victories achieved by the Syrian army and armed forces, adding that it sets clear evidence on the Syrian people’s determination to support their national economy.

He pointed out that the Syrian product has gained entry to establish markets in more than 90 countries which send a clear message that the Syrian people are determined to preserve their productivity in parallel with their fight against terrorism.

He noted that “Made in Syria” exhibition will be held in a number of neighboring states in order to enhance the presence of Syrian goods in international markets.

Khamis said that the rehabilitation of industrial cities and economic facilities is a priority for the government with the aim of reviving local industry.

He added that several regulations and decision will be issued in the next stage to push forward the production wheel which will have positive impact on citizens and the Syrian economy in general.

The current edition of the monthly “Made in Syria” festival offered a wide range of surprises, offers and discounts up to 50%, in addition to coupons and vouchers free of charge for the families of martyrs and wounded army personnel in appreciation of their sacrifices.




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