1,500 families return to al-Zabadani city

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Damascus Countryside Governor Alaa Ibrahim announced that more than 1,500 families out of 10,000 have returned to the city of al-Zabadani due to the efforts exerted by the governorate and the city council to rehabilitate streets, the power grid, telephone network, and sewer system, after the Syrian Arab Army restored security to the area and rid it of terrorists.

During a tour in the city on Saturday, Ibrahim stressed that contracts have been signed to complete the clearing of rubble and the wreckage from the city that had started more than seven months ago.

The governor also inspected the state of services in the town of Bloudan and listened to the citizens’ grievances, suggestions, and problems, and then he assigned the town council to follow up and resolve them.

Several projects will commence this year to rehabilitate the devastated infrastructure in some areas of Daraya city and the implementation will done in stages at a cost of SYP 100 billion, which contributes to the return of 100,000 citizens of the city, Ibrahim added.

On a relevant note, Chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce Osama Mustafa said that 90% of hotel and restaurant owners in Bloudan have resumed work in their establishments, and by summer all tourist facilities will be operational.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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