Syria, China discuss relations and China’s participation in reconstruction

Beijing,SANA_ Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, held a meeting with Chinese Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chen Xiaodong, during which she gave an overall review on the current situation in Syria and the region and aspects of the Syrian-Chinese relations.

Xiaodong congratulated Syria over the victories achieved against terrorism, expressing his relief over the new situation which goes in the interest of the Syrian people.

The Chinese diplomat pointed out that China has provided humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people over the past years and will continue to provide such assistance in the foreseeable future in addition to the political and cultural assistance.

He hailed the Syrian-Chinese cooperation in fighting terrorism and thanked Syria for its support to China’s strategic interests.

For her part, Shaaban reviewed the field and political developments of the situation in Syria and explained to the Chinese side the nature of the efforts being exerted now on the political track and the role of Geneva, Astana and Sochi.

The Presidential Advisor stressed that the so-called international coalition against terrorism was not aimed to combat terrorism in Syria, but rather to provide all forms of support to terrorist groups as it worked to prolong the crisis for achieving its real goal which is fragmenting Syria contrary to the honorable stances of the friendly countries of  Russia, China and Iran.

She emphasized the need to strengthen the economic relations between Syria and China and exchanged ideas with Xiaodong about China’s participation in reconstruction process in Syria as well as the vital role that Syria can play within “One Belt, One Road Initiative” and the view of Chinese President in this regard.

Shaaban: Syria attaches great importance to China’s key role in the future of international relations

Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, stressed said that Syria attaches great importance to China’s key role in the future of international relations since it has adopted a different attitude from Western countries that is based on respect for other states and humanity.

In an interview with the New China News Agency (Xinhua), Shaaban expressed gratitude to the people and government of China for using veto to prevent the issuance of western resolutions that will be exploited to attack Syria, hoping that China would enhance its contribution in humanitarian affairs and the rebuilding of Syria.

She noted that the Syrian government has set up integrated plans to rebuild the country, referring to the hundreds of factories which have been reopened and started production in Aleppo city, meanwhile reconstruction works are underway in Homs and Damascus.

Shaaban thanked the friendly states which supported the Syrian people, on the top of which Russia, China and Iran.

She called for further enhancing the Syrian-Chinese relations, indicating to China’s Belt and Road Initiative launched by the leader Xi Jinping which draws up a map for transition to a new level of economic development.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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