Russian Strategic bombers destroy Daesh positions and vehicles in Deir Ezzor countryside

Moscow, SANA- Russian long-range strategic bombers carried out airstrikes on Daesh (ISIS) points in Deir Ezzor countryside.

“Russian strategic Tu-22M3 bombers struck positions of Daesh terrorist organization, in the province of Deir Ezzor,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on its website today.

The bombers, which flew from Russia, destroyed the terrorist group’s fortified dens and vehicles in the vicinity of the town of al-Qouriya in Deir al-Zour, the ministry pointed out.

The ministry said that Su-24S fighter jets launched high-precision strikes against many positions of Daesh, destroying all specified targets.

It added that Su-30SM and Su-35S fighter set off from Hmeimim Air base to protect the strategic bombers which hit several points of Daesh (ISIS), affirming that all the Russian planes returned safe to their bases.












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