Confronting normalization with Israeli enemy discussed on 2nd day of Arab Forum

Damascus, SANA – Confronting normalization with the Israeli enemy and the role of media, youth and vocational organizations were the focus of the activities of the second day of the Arab Forum for Confronting Zionist-US-Reactionary Alliance and Supporting the Resistance of the Palestinian People on Wednesday.

At the “Confronting Normalization” workshop, the participants focused on the economic boycott of the companies supporting the Zionist entity and boycotting artists who have visited Israel or held concerts there as well as boycotting the institutions involved in oppressing the Palestinian people through promoting the false notion of “the democracy of Israel.”

The workshop on “media” tackled several issues that may contribute to setting up a media strategy to concentrate on the new stage of the international conflict and the resulting emergence of the so-called “new Middle East alliance” so as to illustrate its objectives and aim of liquidating the Palestinian Cause.

Moreover, the workshop on the “youth role” highlighted the necessity of confronting the ideological invasion of the Arab youths’ brains practiced by the imperialist states, stressing the need of forming follow-up committees for supporting youth activities and campaigns on social media websites against wars in the region.

Today’s activities wrapped up with the workshop on “the vocational Syndicates” which highlighted the role of the Arab labor community, being a main source of power, in the battle of confronting the Zionist project.

R. Milhem/H. Said

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