Developing economic cooperation between Syria and Cuba discussed

Havana, SANA- The successive achievements and victories realized by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism constitute a “decisive factor on the road of rebuilding Syria,” Head of Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, Orlando Guillen, said.

Guillen, during his meeting with the Syrian Ambassador in Cuba, Idris Mayya, on Sunday, reiterated need for developing cooperation in the economic domain between Syria and Cuba.

He called for activating participation in the economic activities and exhibitions held in both countries, in addition to exchanging visits and expertise between figures concerned with economic affairs.

For his part, Mayya reviewed the economic situation in Syria, asserting that the Syrian economy entered into the recovery stage as hundreds of factories and plants resumed their work in many industrial cities.

The Ambassador pointed out that rebuilding process has started in a number of areas.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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