Zakharova: Some sides exploit humanitarian situation in Syria for political purposes

Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reaffirmed her country’s stance that the US-led coalition in Syrian, allegedly fighting terrorism, is illegal and works without the Syrian government’s consent.

Zakharova told reporters on Thursday that there are sides which are always trying to exploit the humanitarian issue in Syria for political purposes aimed at increasing pressure on the Syrian government and those who helped it in fighting terrorism.

The Spokeswoman said that the Hmeimim-based Russian Reconciliation Center has provided over 45 tons of humanitarian aid to the locals in the de-escalation zone of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus this year, indicating that the European sanctions prevent the necessary money transfer for the purchase of equipment and consumables for needy areas in Syria.

She called on all humanitarian organizations to provide assistant to all needy areas in Syria.

Zakharova affirmed that the sides which support terrorists in Syria are trying to undermine the political process, prevent the humanitarian aid delivery, maintain the hotbeds of instability and use the so-called “White Helmets” who promote rumors with the aim to influence the world public opinion.

Shaza/H. Said

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