Breaking News Foreign Ministry: Syria totally rejects report issued by the so-called investigation and identification team of (OPCW) about the alleged incident of using chlorine in Douma in April 2018, in addition to its conclusions

Mufti Hassoun meets Indian officials

New Delhi, SANA- Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun affirmed that the peace –loving countries should cooperate actively and jointly to ensure a bright future for all peoples, particularly that great states stand behind spreading the extremist ideology, training and financing terrorists and mercenaries to achieve the evil purposes.

His remarks came during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister’s special envoy on Countering Terrorism and Extremism, Asif Ibrahim in New Delhi on Thursday.

Hassoun said that his visit to India aims at conveying the peace letter from Syria and spreading the tolerance among peoples, noting to the many common factors that bring together India and Syria.

He stressed that the enemies of humanity seek to destroy the countries which have been spreading the civilization through spreading extremism, violence and terrorism.

For his part , Ibrahim hailed the Syrian Arab Army ‘s victories on terrorism.

The meeting was attended by Syria’s Ambassador in New Delhi, Dr. Riad Abbas.

In a relevant context, Hassoun met Indian Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and reviewed with him the latest achievements in Syria in the field of countering terrorism.

He expressed the Syrian people’s appreciation for India’s positive attitude which has not been affected by the misleading media outlets about the crisis in Syria.

In turn, Singh renewed India support for Syria and its people , pointing out to the importance of exchanging visits between the officials of the two countries to benefit from the experiences in the fight against terrorism and that will be on the agenda of Indian external affairs Minister , who will visit Syria within the next few weeks.


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