Russian Defense Ministry: Any shelling from SDF areas will be curbed

Moscow, SANA – Russian Defense Ministry affirmed that theUS-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) enter the areas whereISIS terrorists are positioned in the countryside of Deir Ezzor without fighting, which confirms the close link between Washington and ISIS terrorist organization, after the former has recently helped in evacuating ISIS leaders from many areas in the province’s countryside.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday that Russian monitoring and reconnaissance means haven’t recorded over a week any clashes between ISIS and SDF groups depite the latter have entered many ISIS areas.

Konashenkov said that Servicemen of Russia’s special operations forces and Syrian Arab army units are currently working together to destroy ISIS terrorists , adding that Russia warned a representative of the US command in Qatar, that “any attempts of shelling from the areas where the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces are based will be immediately curbed.”

“The Syrian governmental troops have been shelled twice from the areas on the western bank of the Euphrates controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US military,” Konashenkov said.”

Shaza/H. Said

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