Venezuelan Ambassador stresses that Syria will absolutely win war against terrorism

Tartous, SANA- Tartous Governor Safwan Abu Sa’adi discussed with Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Damascus Imad Saab means to enhance relations between the two sides.

During a meeting held Sunday at the building of Tartous Governorate, Governor Abu Sa’adi expressed appreciation for the stances of Venezuela and its people in support of Syria in its war against the US-Zionism-backed terrorism and their tools in the region and for its standing by the just issues in the region, particularly the Palestinian cause.

The Governor reviewed the economic, agricultural and tourism situations in the province, indicating that the governorate works on providing all the required services for its visitors who come from other provinces due to the terrorist attacks.

He affirmed the failure of the all the schemes hatched against Syria.

For his part, Saab said “Syria has passed through difficult times, yet we are confident that it will triumph thanks to the steadfastness of its leadership and the heroism and bravery of its national army.”

He indicated that the war against Syria has revived the multi-polar world as the Syrian people and their allies have stood in the face of imperialism and they affirmed that there are international principles which must be respected.

Saab added that his country is passing through difficult times and that there is a media, cultural, political and economic campaign against it, affirming that the “enemies will not undermine Venezuela because its people appreciate the principles and values embodied by the Late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.”

R.J/ Ghossoun

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