400 factories return to production in al-Kallaseh industrial zone in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – 400 factories have so far returned to production in the industrial zone in al-Kallaseh in Aleppo, said member of the Industrial Zone’s Committee, Luai Sukkar.

He told SANA in a statementthat al-kallaseh and al-Arqoub areas are the oldest industrial zones in Aleppo, and textile and plastic industries are concentrated mainly there, adding that the number of factories into production had increased to 2000 factories before the terrorist groups entered the area.

Sukkar noted that Aleppo Chamber of Industry and al-Kallaseh Committee have been keen to re-operate the factories in al-Kallaseh area as soon as possible after it has been cleared of terrorism through coordination with the concerned bodies at Aleppo Governorate to remove the debris, open the roads and consolidate security there, in addition to communicating with the industrialists and encouraging them to return and re-operate their factories.

He said as a result of these efforts,400 factories have returned to production so far, 10 factories at least daily, adding that the work is continuing to overcome the emergency problems, including the shortage of qualified and trained workers, where the Chamber of Industry will conduct training courses for textile Workers.

“The supply of electrical power for 8 hours daily will contribute to doubling the number of the working facilities, since industrialists are now forced to rely on diesel engines, which increases production costs and weakens the ability to compete,” Sakkar said.

Shaza/H. Said

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