People’s Assembly discharges Mrs. Hadyiah Abbas from her post as Speaker

Damascus, SANA- People’s Assembly issued a resolution on Thursday discharging Mrs. Hadyiah Abbas from her post as Speaker,with a majority of member votes.

“The Assembly held a session today to discuss its internal regulation, meantime, Speaker Abbas, prevented some members from submitting their interposition and she turned a blind eye to their willingness to discuss a number of articles according to the constitutional rules, then suddenly she announced the end of discussions,” a statement by the PA said on its website page.

The statement added that some members opposed the voting, insisting that the discussions didn’t end, describing the Speaker’s behavior as “irresponsible and illegal.”

Later, in light of the democratic principles, 164 members submitted a request to discharge Mrs. Abbas from her post as a speaker.

The assembly held a session at 8.00 p.m. and issued a resolution to discharge Abbas from her post.



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