Art Exhibition opened at Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian civilization with its prominent figures, archaeological ruins and natural views was the main theme of the art exhibition opened at Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center on Sunday evening.

Seven artists from different Syrian areas presented their artworks which varied between oil paintings, charcoal drawing, burning wood and miniatures in this joint exhibition.

The participating artists are: Tareq al-Qaisi, Yara Abbas, Balsam al-Shater, Mohammed al-Ali, Mohammed Dayiob, Mamdouh Mayya, and Ayham Kheir Bek.

Head of Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center, plastic artist Rabab Iskandar Ahmed said that the exhibition highlights promising young creative talents, encourages them and provides support to them in order to further develop their skills.

The exhibition lasts till the end of the current week.


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