Rahmanov: Preparations underway to hold Astana meeting on Syria next month

Astana, SANA – Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Khairat Abdel Rahmanov announced that preparations are underway to hold the next Astana meeting on Syria next month.

According to Novosti News Agency, Rahmanov called upon all political parties concerned and all those interested in reaching a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria to support Astana meeting as well as the UN-sponsored talks.

The Minister noted that “we are currently waiting for further information on planned meeting in Tehran, and then on the meeting in Astana on May 3-4, from the guarantor states of Astana process.”

The Kazakh capital hosted three meetings on Syria; the first meeting was held on January 23 – 24, as its final statement stressed commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity while the second one was on February 16 and discussed enhancing the cessation of hostilities in Syria and the third was held on March 14-15 in the absence of opposition delegations.


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