Transport Ministry adds 4th plane to aircraft fleet, receives request for int’l passage through Syrian airspace

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly discussed on Sunday the performance of the Ministry of Transport, with the MPs calling for upgrading the situation of transportation by air, land and sea.

Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud said the Ministry continues the process of developing all the transport sectors, but is facing difficulties concerning the securing of the spare parts necessary for machines and equipment due to the coercive economic sanctions unilaterally imposed on Syria.

Referring to Syria’s participation in the international transport conference that was held in Geneva on February 21-25, the Minister said he called during the conference for restoring international flights through Syrian airspace as it would save time and
cost, noting that the Syrian airline institutions incur revenue losses of 55% due to the ban on passage through Syrian airspace.

He revealed that the Ministry has received in the morning today a request from a German airline company for operating and receiving European planes from three German airports at Syrian airports.

He added that the Ministry received last week the first request for passage through Syrian airspace.

Hammoud said the Ministry has recently added a fourth plane to its aircraft fleet, pointing out that the new plane can fly for a long distance reaching the BRICS countries, including China.

As for transport by sea, the Minister said the maritime fleet is operating at a high pace in terms of securing food supplies, stressing that the Ministry has hit 240% achievement percentage in the maritime field, with revenues of SYP 34 billion.

H. Said

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