The 1st Investment Conference Kicks off in Hama

Hama, SANA – Activities of the 1st conference on investment and the role of development projects in supporting national economy kicked off Saturday in Hama province.

The conference, which will last for 3 days, is organized by the General Secretariat of Hama Government in cooperation with the Syrian National Association for Economy and Management.

State Minister for Investment Affairs, Wafiqa Hosni underlined the importance of holding this conference as a response to those who bet on the destruction of Syria, adding that the process of reconstruction will move forward to revive the economic, productive and services sectors among other priorities.

She added that the conference constitutes a platform to exchange proposals and thoughts in order to create a healthy investment environment that would contribute to the launch of a comprehensive development process and maintain its continuity.

Hosni said that we, in Syria, need investments that are based on the increase in demand for goods and services and a serious policy that promote all forms of investments.

For his part, Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf said that activating investments is a priority for the government besides the rebuilding process and pushing forward the wheel of production in parallel to the achievements made the Syrian army and its allies.

He underlined the ministry’s efforts to enhance investment opportunities and develop the affiliated bodies and departments to offer high quality services to citizens, not to mention meeting the needs of industrial cities and areas and providing appropriate environment to increase investments.

Makhlouf saw in the conference a great opportunity that opens new prospects to invest national capitals and create more job opportunities.

Hama Governor Mohammed al-Hazouri said that Hama province is a center of the economic, commercial, tourism and industrial activities and an attractive investment destination for businessmen, industrialists and investors.

He noted that the conference will present around 70 different investment opportunities in agriculture, industry, tourism, services, pharmaceutics sectors, stressing the governorate’s readiness to provide all facilitations and support required to guarantee the establishment of these vital projects.


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