Nasrallah: We will be present wherever necessary to defend the resistance

Beirut, SANA – Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the party’s involvement in Syria has been in defense of Lebanon, the resistance and all the Lebanese in the first place.

Nasrallah’s remarks came in part 2 of an interview he gave to the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper, that was published on Friday.

He cited the latest overspill of violence in the Lebanese Arsal town on the northern border with Syria as a confirmation of “our view”.

The Secretary General said the sacrifices which the party has incurred since it first got involved in Syria up to date are far less that “the potential sacrifices and costs Hezbollah and all the Lebanese would have to incur had the party not intervened.”

“The war was just at our borders,” Nasrallah said, dismissing the claims of some that the party went to a “preemptive” war in Syria.

He warned that was it not for Hezbollah fighting in al-Qseir and al-Qalamoun, the terrorist organizations would have spread deep into the Lebanese territories.

Hezbollah Secretary General reiterated that the party will continue to be present wherever necessary to “defend the axis of resistance, Palestine and the issues of the [Arab] nation.”

He warned that the events in the region and the wahhabi takfiri thinking, for which “hundreds of years” and billions of dollars” have been employed, threaten the countries, societies and peoples of the entire region and even beyond to reach the interests of the super powers in the world.

Nasrallah also warned against terrorism backfiring on the regimes and countries which are supporting terrorist organizations in the region, citing particularly the government of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey and Qatar.

He urged all who have the ability “to be part of the battle of defending Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, the region and the Palestinian issue and defending the Muslims, Christians and the religious minorities.”

Touching upon the issue of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Nasrallah called for refraining from exploiting their suffering.

What is needed, he said, is a political decision to halt exploitation of the displaced Syrians and opening the door for cooperation with the Syrian government to ensure their return home, stressing the latter’s complete readiness to cooperate to that effect.

In the first part of the interview published Thursday, Hezbollah Secretary General assured that what the resistance has prepared to fight the Israeli enemy has not been affected by its involvement in the events in the region, including in Syria and affirmed that there are no red lines in the confrontation with the Israeli enemy.

H. Said


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