Leader of terrorist organization in Daraa admits to visiting occupied Palestine to cooperate with Israeli authorities

Damascus, SANA – Sharif al-Saffouri, the leader of a terrorist organization called /The Two Holy Mosques Brigade/ which operates in the Syrian province in Daraa, admitted to entering the occupied Palestinian territories and meeting with Israeli officers multiple times.

In a video posted to the internet, al-Saffouri admitted that the Israeli occupation authorities offer medical treatment to terrorists injured in Syria after they are transferred to the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as providing them with arms and ammunitions and coordinating with them in various ways.

On almost daily basis, Israeli media outlets talk about operations in which injured terrorists are transported from Syria to be treated in Israeli hospitals inside the occupied territories, and then these terrorist are smuggled back to Syria to carry on with their terrorist activities.

There are no accurate statistics, but reports estimate the number of terrorists treated in Israeli hospitals at several hundreds. In the video, which was posted to YouTube, al-Saffouri said that he visited Israel 5 times and met with Israeli officers, and that they talked about the details of the Israeli support provided to his terrorist organization and coordination with occupation authorities regarding in which the region this group operates.

Al-Saffouri also confirmed that he and his group obtained a variety of weapons such as rifles, ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades from the Israeli authorities.

The video, while not revealing anything new, is one more piece of evidence among many that confirms that the Israeli occupation is providing support to terrorist organizations in Syria and coordinating with them, which is hardly surprising as the Israeli authorities and the terrorist organizations operating in Syria share the same goal and employ similar modi operandi.

While on the subject, it should be noted that Kamal al-Labwani , who is one of the political leaders of the terrorist organizations in Syria and a member of Doha Coalition or the so-called /Syrian National Coalition,/ is notorious for giving interviews to Israeli, American, and German media in which he freely admits to receiving Israeli support, sometimes even going so far as to beg for more of it, or even solicit Israel to interfere directly and occupy more of the Syrian territories.

Last May, in an article published in the Daily Beast website under the title /Syrian Rebel Wants a New Ally: Israel/ al-Labwani proclaimed that /Israel is not our enemy anymore/, expressing his admiration of the treatment provided by the Israeli authorities to the injured members of terrorist organizations and praising his Israeli ally and the myriad boons and support it bequeaths upon him and his cohorts.

Shadia Esper / Ghinwa Maia / Hazem Sabbagh/ Mazen

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