ISIS cuts off water to Aleppo again after month-long outage

Aleppo, SANA – ISIS has cut off water to Aleppo less than 20 hours after it was restored following an outage that lasted an entire month.

Water was cut off from its main supply source in al-Khafseh area, some 90 km east of Aleppo city.

Governor of Aleppo Hussein Diab stressed in a statement to SANA that the Governorate, with full support from the government, is putting intensive efforts to secure water to Aleppo “with all possible means” in parallel with the continued implementation of the emergency plan set up by the Ministry of Water Resources in this regard.

The emergency plan includes digging 51 new wells that will be invested after being equipped with the necessary pumping and power generating equipment. The plan aims at intensifying supply of clean water to the storage tanks available in the residential neighborhoods.

On January 14, the terrorist groups in al-Khafseh cut off water to the entire Aleppo province “to pressure the locals and influence their supportive stance towards the Syrian army,” said the Governor.

The water was back to Aleppo on Monday after intensive efforts made by the government in cooperation with the local community and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, only to be cut off once again less than 24 hours after it was pumped back, the Governor added.

H. Said

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