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December, 2015

  • 29 December

    Some 300 families leave besieged Al-Foua’a and Kafraya, Injured gunmen leave al-Zabadani

  • 28 December

    Twin terrorist bombings in al-Zahra’a neighborhood, Homs city

  • 28 December

    A Syrian Christmas carnival in Bab Touma Square, Damascus


  • 27 December

    A Syrian army unit destroys a terrorists’ tunnel in Douma farms, Damascus Countryside

  • 26 December

    Syrian Army air force eliminates terrorist Zahran Alloush and a large number of terrorist organizations’ leaders


  • 25 December

    Christian denominations in Syria celebrate Christmas

  • 25 December

    The army cuts off terrorists’ supply lines between al-Moadamiyeh and Daraya in Damascus countryside

  • 23 December

    President al-Assad participates in religious celebration of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday

  • 21 December

    SANA concludes 4th training course as part of “Live Syria 2015” campaign

  • 21 December

    National Anglican Church holds “Damascus Creative City” event celebrating Christmas