Russian Defense Ministry denies again Aleppo hospital shelling

Lattakia, SANA- Russian Defense Ministry renewed on Wednesday denying reports by some media that the Russian air force shelled a hospital in Aleppo.

Official spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashinkov said in a statement to representatives of about 150 international and local media outlets in Hmeimeem base that the fabricated news about shelling a hospital in al-Sukari neighborhood in Aleppo city by the Russian aircrafts comes within the attempts to undermine confidence in the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria.

Konashinkov displayed two aerial photos, one of which was taken on October 15th. 2015 and the other on April 29th which show clearly that the hospital was destroyed before October 2015 and the scope of devastation that the hospital suffered during the period between October and last April and this clearly appears in the second photo.

In a different context, Konashinkov said that the Russian warplanes carried out 90 combat sorties against positions of the terrorist organizations over the past four days in Syria.

On April 28th the Russian defense ministry denied allegations by media that the Russian air force shelled a hospital in Aleppo, emphasizing that the ministry has data saying that a warplane for one country which is part of the International Coalition flew on April 27th in Aleppo skies for the first time after a long time.

On September 30th, the Russian Air Force started launching strikes against positions of ISIS terrorist organization in Syria targeting infrastructure facilities including workshops for making shells and explosive devices, command centers, arms, ammunition and fuel depots and training bases.

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