Photo Reports

March, 2017

  • 22 March

    SANA camera tours al-Abasyeen area on the eastern outskirts of Damascus on March 21st

  • 18 March

    Trails to select the national teams which will be representing Syria in international Science Olympiad competitions started

  • 15 March

    A plastic art exhibition honoring women by artist Ismail Nasra in Lattakia

  • 14 March

    The Annual Meeting of Hama Chamber of Industry

  • 13 March

    A new national polio vaccination campaign launched across country targeting 2.750 million children

  • 12 March

    Varied paintings and sculptures in exhibition dubbed “Victory Indications” in Lattakia

  • 11 March

    Collective wedding for 20 of the injured army personnel in Homs

  • 9 March

    Activities of the ninth Woman and Family festival kicks in Aleppo

  • 9 March

    The 3rd Khan al-Harir Exhibition in Damascus

  • 8 March

    Women’s Union, Quneitra branch honors mothers of martyrs and injured in the village of Jebba