20 civilians killed, 104 injured in terrorist attacks

Aleppo, SANA – 20 civilians were killed and 100 injured in terrorist attacks with rocket shells on residential neighborhoods of New Aleppo, Hamadaniya, and “Project 1070 Apartments” in Aleppo city on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, a source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorists in al-Rashedeen neighborhood launched rocket shells against the residential neighborhoods in the city, killing 3 civilians and injuring 10, some of them in critical conditions.

Terrorists also fired rocket shells on A’azamiya and Salah al-Din neighborhoods, killing 3 injuring 32, some of them women and children.

On August 24th, nine people were injured in a terrorist mortar attack on al-Mogambo neighborhood in Aleppo.


Meanwhile, 2 civilians, one a child, were injured in a terrorist mortar attack on Abbassyeen area in Damascus.

A police source told SANA that terrorist organizations based in Eastern Ghouta launched a mortar shell which landed in the vicinity of Abbassyeen Hospital injuring two civilians, one a 5-year child in addition to material damages to the place.

Earlier Monday, 8 civilians were injured by terrorist mortar attacks against Bab Touma and Adawi areas in Damascus.

Damascus Countryside

Two children were injured after a mortar shell fired by terrorists “Jaish al-Islam” terrorist organizaitons on al-Wafideen Camp in Damascus Countryside.

A source in the Police Command told SANA that the mortar shell fell on al-Thawra neighborhood near Douma farms in the Eastern Ghouta, injuring two children ages 4 and 12.

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