German police seize stolen Syrian antiquities dating back to the Kingdom of Ebla

Damascus, SANA-Terrorist organizations in Syria have deliberately stolen and destroyed the rich Syrian cultural heritage, plundered Syrian resources from the cradle of human civilization, smuggled them across borders and sold them in the black market. Meanwhile, the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums is exerting efforts to restore these human treasures.

In that context, the German police in the city of Baden-Württemberg are currently investigating a German man who possesses a group of ancient artifacts, including a pottery tablet that was stolen from Idlib Museum in 2015 illegally which dates back, according to German media, to the Kingdom of Ebla in the period extending from 2350 to 2250 B.C.

“During the investigations, the man claimed that he had obtained pottery tablet from a “Bavarian” group as an investment and the possibility of reselling it, but investigators found that this claim was incorrect.” German police said in a statement.  

Director General of the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, Muhammad Nazir Awad told SANA that the occurrence of the pottery tablet and its confiscation in Germany is considered as a good thing, taking into consideration that these pottery tablets were stolen and looted from Idlib Museum in 2015 and remained hidden from that time until now.

“We had some unconfirmed information showing that some of that tablet had begun to appear in European markets, but now, after the German police uncovered the issue with the appearance of stolen Syrian antiquities in the European market, we, as Syrian antiquities’ authorities, can pursue the matter and demand them.” Mr. Awad added.

Mazen Eyon


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