Services restored to al-Tall city after evacuation of militants and arms

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Governor of Damascus Countryside Alaa Ibrahim visited Saturday al-Tall city to inspect services there after the city has been evacuated of arms and gunmen and got back to normal life.

In a speech he delivered at the Panorama Square addressing the locals of the city, Ibrahim stressed that all of the countryside of Damascus will soon be secured after terrorists are expelled.

He assured the residents that electricity, water and sewerage services will soon be restored in the city, and that the bodies concerned will work “hand in hand” with the locals to reconstruct what was destroyed by the terrorist organizations.

Commander of the Damascus Countryside Police Maj. Gen. Jamal Bitar said the Internal Security Forces will resume performing their national duty in the city to restore order to it and protect public and private properties.

On December 2, a reconciliation agreement was implemented in al-Tall city where a number of militants had their legal status settled according to the Amnesty Decree no. 15 for 2016.

Other militants who wanted to leave the city were allowed to do so after they handed over their arms to the authorities.

H. Said

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