Russian defense Ministry denies UNICEF allegations about targeting a school in Idelb countryside

Moscow, SANA, Russian defense Ministry denied allegations by UNICEF that a Russian warplane targeted a school in Hass village in Idleb countryside.

“The Russian defense ministry has made an accurate analysis of the data of the objective monitoring means for the Syrian air space to detect the UNICEF information about an air strike on a school in Hass village in Idleb countryside yesterday,” Igor Kalashnikov, spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

He added that no Russian plane made flights on Wednesday over the said region.

“We analyzed the photographs and videotapes broadcast by some media outlets which claimed they “witness” the destruction of a school, but it was revealed that these materials were only a mere montage for a number of excerpts,” Konashinkov said.

He went on to say that evidence indicate that UNICEF leadership has been trapped in the net of cheaters of the white hats, calling on  UNICEF employees to verify the source of their information.


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