Russian humanitarian aid distributed in Maaloula town

Damascus, SANA – A new batch of humanitarian aid, presented by Russia, was distributed on the residents of Ma’aloula town in Damascus Countryside, in cooperation with the Governorate of Damascus Countryside and Martyr Ahmed Qadirov Charity.

In a statement to the journalists, Member of the Governorate Executive Office, Bassam Qasem, said that this step comes as a complement of Russia’s relief, humanitarian and social role to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people over more than five years.

He indicated to the theft, destruction and other criminal acts committed by terrorists organizations against the locals, the houses and churches in Ma’aloula town, hailing the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab army to restore security and stability to the town as well as the governmental efforts to provide necessary support and requirements to help families get back to their homes.

In turn, Representative of the Russian Hmeimim-based Coordination Center in Damascus underlined that his country will spare no effort to make all reconciliations a success and provide humanitarian aid to the needy families, calling upon the people around the world to combat terrorism and support Syria to overcome this terrorist war.

Head of Ma’aloula City Council, Naji Wahbi, expressed gratitude to the efforts exerted by Damascus Countryside Governorate in cooperation with donors such as the UNDP and the Russian help in order to rehabilitate terrorism-damaged infrastructure which enabled residents to restore their normal life and activities.

R. Raslan/Manal

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