Israeli warplanes attack a site east of Hadar town in Quneitra

Quneitra, SANA –The Israeli warplanes launched Wednesday night an attack on al-Tuloul al-Homr area to the east of Hadar town in the countryside of Quneitra.

SANA reporter in the southern province said warplanes of the Israeli occupation forces attacked after midnight yesterday a site to the east of Hadar town, located some 11 km from Quneitra city.

The attack caused material damage at the site, according to the reporter.

The Israeli occupation entity has repeatedly provided direct assistance and support to the Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups operating in the southern region.

The Israeli support, which included providing treatment for injured gunmen at the Israeli hospitals, aims to help the terrorists and raise their morale which has deteriorated after the Syrian army’s victories in the area.

H. Said

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