Abdul-Hadi: Work is underway to implement agreement on evacuating camp from weapon, gunmen

Damascus, SANA- Director of the political bureau at the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO in Damascus, Ambassador Anwar Abdul-Hadi said Saturday work is underway to implement an agreement signed on June 21 to evacuate al-Yarmouk camp from weapon and gunmen and end the suffering of people there.

“The Syrian Government and PLO have determination to carry out the agreement… PLO cooperates with Syria to have the agreement succeed and restore the families and services to the camp,” Ambassador Abdul-Hadi told SANA.

He added families inside and outside the camp call for implementing the agreement as soon as possible to end the suffering they had lived since the coming of gunmen, affirming that PLO and the Syrian government have credibility and will to end the dilemma of the camp’s families from Syrians and Palestinian refugees.

Ambassador Abdul-Hadi appreciated the big efforts Syria is exerting to ease the suffering of the besieged people in the camp through facilitating the humanitarian aid of food and medicine into the camp.

The said agreement guarantees evacuating the camp from weapon, gunmen and settling the cases of those who want to throw away weapon.

Mazen Eyon

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