Lattakia sand sculpture forum sparkles with creativity

Lattakia, SANA – After a long day of work with shovels, buckets, brushes, straws and other sculpting tools, some incredible sand sculptures begin to take shape in the second day of the forum currently held at Alyukhut Marina in Lattakia between August 8 and 15, reflecting the creativity and rich imagination of sculptors.

Relaxing music playing nearby, the sound of sea waves and the happy laughter of children enthused the participants while carving sand blocks in full view of the audience who closely inspect the stages of creating masterpieces out of sand.

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Sculptor Ali Moualla, who was the first artist to practice sand sculpting in Syria since 2009, couldn’t ignore the war taking place in his beloved country. Entitled “Safeguards of the Land”, Moualla’s sculpture was dedicated to honor the Syrian Arab army and the heroism and sacrifices of Syrian soldiers to defend the homeland.

In a statement to SANA, Moualla said that the artist should reflect reality in his works.

On his participation, Moualla said that sand is a fragile material to work with. Therefore, sculptors use special kind of sand and it must contain certain grains and have specific clay content to stick together better, indicating that water is an important component in binding and helps sand set hard as it dries up. A water spray bottle is needed while carving to keep sand damp.

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Artist Amal al-Zayat’s sculpture extended a greeting of love and amity to Malloula City. Resembling the city’s stairs and stone houses integrated with facial portraits, al-Zayat wanted to shed light on the steadfastness and resistance of this city against terrorism which hit its inhabitants and neighborhoods.

Al-Zayat expressed enthusiasm for getting engaged into such new experience, adding that this is her first time in sand sculpting where she has to make use of her previous expertise and techniques to deal with sand.

Sculptor Waddah Salameh said that he found in sculpting the ancient animal dinosaur a reflection of the legendry steadfastness and strength of Syrian people and army.

He expressed gratitude for those responsible for the positive atmosphere and the good organization of the forum.

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Young artists and sculptors have had remarkable participation in the forum which gives them the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and expertise through communicating with prominent art figures.

Mariam al-Hakim said that she was confused and afraid at the very beginning and had difficulties in binding and pressing sand.

She added: “I have accepted the challenge and decided to take part in this forum as a first step in this path,” noting that her main theme will be about women and she will do her best to succeed.

On the sidelines of the forum, art exhibition, entertainment activities and workshops on how to form clay were held for children in order to discover their talents and enhance their skills.

Rasha Raslan/Manal

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