Car laden with weapons and explosives confiscated in Sweida-VIDEO

Sweida, SANA – Authorities confiscated a vehicle loaded with different sorts of weapons and explosives, some of which are U.S. and Israeli-made in the western countryside of Sweida.

SANA reporter in Sweida said on Tuesday that the authorities ambushed a pickup truck that was laden with 200 kg of explosives, 32 U.S. and Israeli – made mines and a TWO missile, in addition to different sorts of shells and ammunition in the administrative borderlines between Sweida and Daraa southern provinces.

The reporter added that the car was heading from the eastern countryside of Daraa towards the terrorist organizations positioned in the eastern Badiya (desert).

On May 5th, authorities in Sweida confiscated a car loaded with tens of anti-tank mines in the western countryside of Sweida that was bound for terrorist organizations in the eastern al-Badiya.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun


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