US Senator Black in Homs: Palmyra is the legacy of all civilizations

Homs, SANA-US Senator Richard Black visited on Wednesday the ancient city of Palmyra, Old Homs and the military airport of T-4 near Palmyra where he met a number of the Syrian Arab army’s officers and pilots, affirming “anyone bears weapon against the Syrian State is a terrorist and I absolutely support President Bashar al-Assad.”


“The gunmen who have been supported by the United States, France, Britain, NATO, the European Union, and the Gulf states have utterly destroyed civilization. In their desire to topple the one secular free nation in the Middle East, they have caused utter destruction and devastation throughout the Middle East,” Senator Black said in a statement to SANA.

He added “What you see in Palmyra is the legacy of all civilization. It’s not the legacy of Syria, it is the legacy of all mankind, and what is happening in Syria will determine the fate of civilization itself.”


“I’m very proud to be here with the people of Syria, the people of Syria are very heroic. It is incredible. I believe that someday when this war is over, history will record that a country of 23 million courageous people had such strength and unity that they were able to combat the major powers of the entire world,” the US Senator said.

Mr. Black went on to say that the message he would give to the world is that “it is within our power to stop the destruction of Syria. What happened in Syria was not a domestic issue; but it was planned, it was a covert action by a number of intelligence agencies, from Western powers, from Saudi Arabia, from Turkey, all led by the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Meanwhile, Senator Black visited Homs old city, the souk, al-Zahrawi Palace, Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt and the Cultural Center.

“The government and people in Syria want peace, but regional countries don’t, Mr. black said during a meeting with Homs governor Talal Barazi.

Barazi, for his part, said “We always welcome the voice of right,” adding that Syria’s victory over terrorism requires from the international community to stop the flow of terrorists into the country.

H. Sabbagh/Mazen Eyon


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