De Mistura: Syrian-Syrian indirect dialogue continuous

Geneva, SANA- UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura affirmed on Monday that the Syrian-Syrian indirect dialogue in Geneva is continuous, saying that his mission is to approximate viewpoints among different sides.

“We intend to continue and resume talks and consultations with all sides inside the UN HQ or outside it,” de Mistura said at a press conference following his meeting with “al-Riyadh opposition” delegation, describing the indirect talks as “very flexible.”

He went on to say “we will evaluate these talks next Friday and review what has been realized with all sides regarding their special stances, then to take the decision on how to go ahead.”

De Mistura pointed out that “al-Riyadh opposition” delegation announced its intention to suspend and postpone the official participation in the dialogue at the UN HQ, saying “discussions and talks will continue with them at their residence outside the UN site.”

“There is a point of improvement on the political track in comparison with the past as all sides agree that the political transition is the core of the process,” de Mistura said, considering that it is not possible for everyone to expect a miracle would happen to end the 5-year crisis.

He added the discussions focused on how to interpret the political transition process, saying “No doubt, the distance is large between the two sides.”

De Mistura affirmed that the cessation of hostilities agreement is still firm, but there are some breaches in many regions that stir concern, saying that operations of delivering the humanitarian aid were successful in some regions although they were slow, hoping the two presidents of the International Syria Support group would hold an exceptional meeting to deal with this situation.

He added that Russia and the US have a basic and important role in pushing the political process forwards in order to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

Regarding the call of one member of al-Riyadh opposition delegation to “open the fronts in Syria,” De Mistura called for avoiding such provocative discourses, particularly during this stage of entering the core of dialogue.

As for the provocative meeting held by the Israeli occupation’s government in the occupied Syrian Golan yesterday, de Mistura said the two international resolutions No.242 and 497 are clear which consider annexing the Golan by “Israel” as null and void.

Mazen Eyon


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