Putin: Russia completed its main task in Syria which was to strengthen its statehood

Moscow, SANA – Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia carried out its main task in Syria which was to strengthen Syria’s statehood and legitimate authorities and its armed forces, noting however that it is still early to say that a radical change occurred there.

During the Third Truth and Justice media forum of regional and local mass media in St Petersburg, Putin said it’s noteworthy that after the pullout of a considerable part of Russian forces, the Syrian army goes ahead with active offensive operations and recaptures ever more towns with Russian support, noting that the importance of the successes of Russian forces against terrorism in Syria can’t be ignored.

He pointed out that nobody was able to deny the struggle was exclusively against terrorist organizations, such as ISIS.

“This is recognized by our US partners, by the Europeans and by us. By everybody without an exception,” Putin said.

The Russian president pointed out that Russia’s pro-active attitude to the struggle against terrorism proved very helpful in building relations with the leading world powers in this field.

“We have created a center for information exchanges with the United States. There’ve been continued consultations and effective truce control mechanisms have been established,” Putin said.

M.al-Frieh/H. Said

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