Mikdad: Syria will not abandon a tiny of its sovereignty or independence

Damascus, SANA-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that Syria will not abandon any bit or tiny of its sovereignty and independence, saying that all have to respect the will of the Syrian people.

“The Syrian state has committed to the cessation of hostilities agreement while the terrorist organizations have breached it since the beginning,” Mikdad told al-Mayadeen TV in an interview aired on Tuesday, adding that there is a clear escalation by these organizations at a time when preparations are going on to hold the upcoming round of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva.

He stressed that the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic will take part in the upcoming round of talks in Geneva after the end of the people’s Assembly elections.

Mikdad saw that the US-Russian coordination against terrorism is a good issue and the Russian efforts in this field are welcomed and supported.

“We have confidence in the efforts of the Russian leadership in order to stop the terrorist war waged on Syria,” Mikdad added.


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