Haddad: Syria has paid for Russian weaponry according to joint contracts

Moscow, SANA – Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad said that Syria has paid for the Russian weaponry sent from Russia according to the contracts signed between the two sides.

In an interview with the Russian Novosti News Agency, the Syrian Ambassador underlined the strategic Syrian-Russian partnership over the years.
He highlighted the active participation of the Russian air force which constituted a turning point in combating terrorism, undermining terrorists’ infrastructure and inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Haddad stressed Syria’s determination to continue its war to curb terrorism and its ability to reach this goal with the support of its allies.

Ambassador Haddad expressed gratitude to President Vladimir Putin and people of Russia for their help and support to the Syrian people to eliminate terrorism.

He noted that Syria is cooperating with states interested in political settlement to the crisis in the country, adding that any talk about dividing Syria contradicts the constitution, national principles and the international resolutions in this regard.

Rasha Raslan/Manal

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