Human Farma pharmaceutical factory opened in Tartous

Tartous, SANA-Human Farma pharmaceutical factory was opened Thursday in al-Bustan village in Safita countryside in Tartous.

The factory was established at an overall cost of SYP 1.5 billion.

Health Minister Nizar Yazigi said the factory is an establishment that produces medicine which is missing in local market, adding that a number of the Syrian army injured personnel will be employed in the factory.

هيومان فارما 2

He added that pharmaceutical industry in Syria has recovered to its pre-crisis state over the past couple of years as damaged factories have been rebuilt, putting the number of pharmaceutical factories in Syria at 70.

The factory’s director Saer Baddour said the factory provides as many as 250 job opportunities for the locals and the families of martyrs.

The factory comes on top in terms of production in Tartous province.

هيومان فارما 3


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