Ara village victory brings the army closer to the strategic Kensabba battle

Lattakia, SANA – Restoring security and stability to Ara village was one of the latest victories made by the army in cooperation with the popular defense groups in Lattakia countryside.

On the way to Ara village, passing through Marj Khawkha, al-Marouniyat, Mazyan and al-Wadi al-Azraq, the media delegation was able to witness the scale of destruction and damage caused by the terrorist groups before many of their members were killed and the rest fled under the strikes of the Syrian army.

Every damaged house and farm, whose owner left behind and which the terrorists turned into hideouts and depots for their weapons and equipment, relates a story of hatred entrenched in the mercenaries’ mentality.

A Syrian army officer explained in a statement to the reporters that different kinds of weapons were used in the operation to take control of Ara, during which the fighting was taking place on several axes until the terrorist groups were completely hemmed in.

That was when break-into groups got engaged in direct confrontation with the terrorists, who soon collapsed having suffered heavy losses, with those who survived had to flee to Rama village and Kensabba town, now the largest remaining hotbeds for the terrorist organizations in the northern countryside of Lattakia after Salma and Rabiaa towns, which have recently come under the army’s control.

Kensabba is where the next stage of battles is going to take place.

Another officer underlined the strategic importance of victory in Ara village in terms of the army moving closer to Kensabba. It also provides the army with a view of Jisr al-Shughour and Idleb cities.

The media delegation, while touring Ara village, came under a terrorist shelling attack, with a rocket shell landing less than 10 m away from the site. Nevertheless, the journalists went on with their mission, moving their cameras in all directions to try to convoy the true and real image of the events and belie the terrorists’ allegations and reveal their crimes.

R. Raslan/ H. Said

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