Sending Saudi troops to Syria “big adventure and gamble”, Information Minister says

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian Arab Army is determined to restore security and stability to Aleppo City, describing what the Saudi regime says about sending troops to Syria as a “big adventure and gamble” that the Saudi can not bear its results.

Minister al-Zoubi told Reuters in an interview Wednesday that the battles to restore security and stability to Aleppo City are being conducted on different axes through military plans and there are a number of axes where terrorists’ supply routes have been completely cut off and became under the control of the Syrian army.

He indicated that the terrorist organizations in Aleppo are big, well-finance and armed with modern arms, adding that these organizations, in addition to Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, “have received US-made TOW anti-armor missiles.”

He said that the battle is not easy “but the day will come, God willing, when Aleppo –its rural areas and the occupied part of the city, will return to the state authority.”

“I don’t expect the battle of Aleppo to go on long,” al-Zoubi added, stressing that the battle is important because it is a process of drying up the sources of terrorism which is coming from the north from the inside of the Turkish territories.

“Idleb is within the goals of the overall military operation, but when it comes, it will have its own plan,” Minister al-Zoubi said.

Regarding what the Saudi regime says of sending troops to Syria, al-Zoubi said “Even thinking about this is a big adventure and gamble, the results of which I don’t believe Saudi can bear, neither for its army or its internal situation.”

He added that any international effort for fighting ISIS regardless of its type or details must be exclusively in coordination with the Syrian Government.

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