Aleppo Police Hospital and Passport Department operational after rehabilitation


Aleppo, SANA- Aleppo Police hospital was officially set operational Wednesday after rehabilitation works were completed to provide medical services to locals and police families.

Aleppo Hospital

Health Minister Nizar Yazigi said in a statement that the hospital provided 45000 medical service since 25th October 2015, expressing highest interest in providing the hospital with all its requirement.

Aleppo passport dep

In turn, Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Sha’ar said the rehabilitation was the result of cooperation between his and health ministry to provide locals and police members with medical services and treatment.

Aleppo passport dep

Al- Shaar, also, opened Passport Department after being rehabilitated calling police officers to provide best services to citizens.

Aleppo Passport

The Department’s Chief, Colonel Abdul Hamid Sa’adat said his department issues some 350 passports on the daily basis.
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