Health Minister meets Cuban counterpart in Havana

Havana, SANA – Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda said that Cuba had rejected the aggression that had targeted Syria since the beginning of the crisis, and that it repeatedly expressed its support for Syria’s people and leadership.

Meeting Syrian Health Minister Nizar al-Yaziji who was visiting Cuba on Thursday, Ojeda said that the Syrian pharmaceutical and health sectors had been developing rapidly and considerably prior to the crisis due to the fact that the Syrian leadership made it a priority, and these achievements didn’t sit well with Syria’s enemies.

He affirmed Cuba’s readiness to expand cooperation in the health sector and make use of the considerable expertise in that field in the two countries.

For his part, al-Yaziji said that Syrian-Cuban friendship is deep rooted and strong, and it keeps getting stronger.

The Minister said that despite the war and aggression that have targeted Syria for around five years, Syria managed to foil all the plots targeting it and persevere.

He noted that since the beginning of the crisis, terrorists following the instructions of their masters have carried out methodical vandalism and sabotage against the Syrian economy’s infrastructure as well as the health sector, and that aggression was complemented by the embargo and the unilateral sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Al-Yaziji stressed the need to expand relations with Cuba, particularly in the field of pharmaceutical industries, biology labs, and medical research centers, as well as procuring medical products for the Syrian market.

Hazem Sabbagh

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