Foreign Ministry: Continued silence over crimes of terrorists emboldens them

Damascus, SANA- The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Saturday sent two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and the head of the Security Council stressing that the continued silence vis-à-vis the crimes of the armed terrorist organizations in Syria has become a source of encouragement for specific regimes in the region.

The ministry called on the UN Security Council and the Secretary General of the United Nations to condemn terrorist acts and shoulder responsibility in combating terrorism and uprooting it.

In the letters, the Ministry said that the crimes against humanity which are carried out by the armed terrorist organizations against peaceful civilians in many Syrian cities continue undeterred , noting that several provinces witnessed recently terrorist bombings in which various weapons were used and killed about 100 innocent civilians and injured others.

The ministry explained that on Friday November 11 at 6:00 pm, ISIS terrorists blew up two tankers loaded with diesel and a truck loaded with sugar in the town of Tal Tamer which is located 40 kilometers to the west of Hasaka city.

The bombings targeted the building of the Department of Agriculture near a health center and a market in Palestine Street and the central wholesale market for vegetable which were crowded with locals, killing 15 civilians on the spot while others died later of their serious wounds, bringing the number of martyrs to 60, in addition to scores of injured, causing material damage to shops, houses, infrastructure, services and the health center near the terrorist bombings.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry added that the terrorist groups from ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra detonated on Saturday morning an ambulance with a fake plate which was loaded with more than 200 kilograms of high explosives near a health clinic in al-Zahra’a neighborhood in Homs, killing in an initial toll 16 civilians and injuring scores others in addition to causing great material damage to private and public property.

The ministry said that the Syrian government reaffirms that the terrorist attacks on Friday and Saturday and the continued terrorism during the years of the crisis would not have happened without the generous support with money, weapons and ammunition to the terrorist organizations as well as the political and media support provided by known countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and without the declared and undeclared support from members of the Security Council for the crimes of terrorists.

This Council, added the letters, did not issue any condemnation or disapproval of these massacres against innocent civilians, children, women and elders, while it immediately condemns terrorist acts taking place in other places on unacceptable political and discriminatory basis despite the fact that Syria condemns terrorism and sympathizes with the victims of terrorism anywhere in the world.

The Ministry considered that the continued silence over crimes has become a source of encouragement for extremist terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Fateh and other terrorist organizations which are supported from abroad and became a basis of strength for some regimes that finance, train, keep, arm and recruit terrorists coming from different countries to kill Innocent people and destroy civilization and culture in Syria.

The ministry said that the Syrian government is bent on fighting terrorism and is determined to assume all constitutional and legal duties to protect its people, land and sovereignty and calls on the UN Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations to condemn the terrorist acts and to shoulder responsibility in combating terrorism, uproot it and dry up its sources and to punish its supporters in an implementation of UN Security Council resolutions related to countering terrorism, in particular resolutions No. 2170 , 2178 and 2199 and to stop applying double standards when it comes to crimes of terrorism since is one and the same wherever it strikes.

The ministry concluded the letters by saying that the Syrian government calls on all countries to assume the humanitarian and legal obligations to combat terrorism and eliminate it wherever it is in order to preserve security and peace in the region and the entire world.

Qabas/ Manal

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