The army establishes control over an area in Lattakia, destroys a 350 m tunnel in Damascus countryside

Provinces, SANA – The army units, backed by the air force, are inflicting more losses and casualties upon the terrorist organizations in various areas, leaving many of their members dead and destroying their centers and vehicles.


An army unit established control over Mount Kishkar in the northern countryside of Lattakia after killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons, a military source announced.


The army’s air force carried out last night a series of sorties and targeted hideouts and positions for Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorists in al-Latamneh town and Skeik village in the northern countryside of the central Hama province.

A military source confirmed to SANA that the airstrikes hit their targets and destroyed terrorists’ centers and vehicles equipped with machine guns and others carrying ammunition.

The source added that terrorists positioned in Tal Taraa in Atshan village in the northeastern countryside of Hama also suffered casualties and material losses.


Army units destroyed a mortar cannon, armored vehicle and 4 cars equipped with machineguns for ISIS terrorists in the western foots of al-Hayal mountain and al-Shaer oil field in Homs eastern countryside.

Earlier, the army’s air force  launched airstrikes against ISIS positions in al-Qaryatain city in the southeastern countryside of Homs province.

The airstrikes destroyed an ISIS headquarters with terrorists, weapons and ammunition inside.

Deir Ezzor

Army airstrikes hit ISIS headquarters and fortified positions in al-Mrei’iyeh village in the eastern countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.

Terrorists were killed and vehicles, some equipped with heavy machine guns, were destroyed as the ISIS targets were directly hit.

Damascus Countryside

The Army progressed and established control over new points in Maraj al-Sultan village and the area surrounding the airport in Damascus Countryside, sources on the ground told SANA.

The sources said that 13 terrorists were killed, 20 others were injured and their ammo and weapons were destroyed during army’s operations in Deir al-Assafir, among them Eyad Yasamina, Adnan Salik and Ezzo Sisan.

In Douma area, the army targeted fortified positions of Jaish al-Islam in Alyia farms and al-Hajaria, killing a number of its members including Mo’amen al-Saour and Mohamed Ghazal while 2 other terrorists were confirmed dead during a strike against one of their dens in al-Rayhan farms in the northeast outskirts of Douma city.

In Western Ghouta, an army unit killed the terrorist Ahmad Mahmoud, one of the terrorists’ leaders in al-Fousoul al-Arbaa area in Darayya city.

A unit of the army and armed forces destroyed a 350 m tunnel for the so-called Jaish al- Islam terrorists in Joubar neighborhood in Damascus Countryside.

Operations unveiled another tunnel in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta.

A military source said in a statement to SANA that during combing the areas near Harasta Highway, engineering units found a tunnel that extends from the eastern side of the highway towards Douma farms, adding that it is linked to a number of basements and trenches in the area.

A number of explosive devises were found inside the tunnel.


The army killed and injured more than 50 terrorists while trying to attack one of the military posts in al-Azizya in Aleppo southern countryside.

Army units expanded the extent of its control in the surrounding of the Air Force Academy after eliminating cells of ISIS terrorists in Aleppo Eastern countryside.

Earlier, the army units, aided by the popular defense groups, carried out intensive operations against ISIS gatherings in Deir Hafer town to the east of Aleppo city, destroying vehicles transporting terrorists, weapons and ammo.

To the southwest of Aleppo city, an army unit targeted terrorists’ movements and gatherings in Zitan village, destroying their weapons and vehicles and killing a number of terrorists.

Another army unit destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and sites in Bashkoui village in Hreitan area to the north of Aleppo city.

Army operations in Aleppo city resulted in destroying terrorists’ positions, weapons and ammunition in al-Ramousa, Bani Zaid, Bustan al-Basha and al-Sheikh Khodr neighborhoods.

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