TV and Radio presenter al-Warar laid to rest

Hama, SANA – With wide popular, media and official participation, TV and radio presenter Batoul Moukhles al-Warar was paid final tribute in Hama city on Wednesday.
Al-Warar was killed after terrorists targeted her neighborhood in Harasta with mortar shells on Tuesday.

Moukhles al-Warar, Batoul’s father, said Batoul joined her colleagues of martyred journalists who sacrificed themselves to convey the truth.

Many media, official and popular figures attended the ceremony, including Governor of Hama and head of al-Baath Party Branch in the province.

Since the beginning of the terrorist war on the country, terrorists have been targeting journalists and national media teams, killing and injuring a number of journalists and reporters, including Ali Abbas, Thaer al-Ajlani, Yara Abbas and Shukri Abu Burghul.

Mohammad Nassr/Manal

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