Syria’s army the most effective force in combating terrorism, Lavrov says

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that Russia supports the Syrian Arab Army because it is the most effective force in fighting terrorism and the one that bears the greatest burden in facing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations.

During a joint press conference in the Russian capital Moscow with Sudan’s and South Sudan’s foreign ministers on Thursday, Lavrov said that Russia will adhere to the rules of the international law if it is necessary to take additional steps to enhance security in Syria and other countries in the region in the face of spreading terrorism.

Lavrov explained that Russian military experts have been present in Syria for years helping the Syrian army in using Russian weapons and equipment, noting that Russia has no additional steps at present, but said that if necessary, these steps will be taken in accordance with the Russian legislations, taking into account the rules of the international law.

Lavrov stressed that Russia will continue to help the Syrian government and army to prevent the repetition of bad and tragic scenarios in the region, making particular reference to the notorious Libyan scenario.

Lavrov reassured that President Vladimir Putin’s initiative is based on the formation of a coordinated coalition to counter the terrorist threat posed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations, stressing the need to move away from double standards.

About rumors published by Western media about the Russian support for the Syrian state and claims that it may make ISIS even stronger, Lavrov described this as”upside-down logic” and an attempt by Syria’s enemies to enhance ISIS capabilities.

Lavrov pointed out that the anti-terrorism coalition led by the United State has not coordinated with the Syrian government, not even informing Syria about planned military strikes on the Syrian land.

Lavrov said that coordination among all sides in one front against terrorism is possible provided that double standards be abandoned and international law be honored.
Asked about the cargo of Russian aircrafts which landed in Lattakia airport, Lavrov said that the planes flying to Syria carry military cargo as well as humanitarian aid, pointing out that Russia contacts the parties concerned in accordance with the international laws in this respect.

Kremlin spokesman: Moscow is helping Syria in fight against ISIS

For his part, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia is helping the Syrian authorities in fighting ISIS as the Syrian army is the only force capable of resisting it.

In statements made on Thursday, Peskov said there is no other force that is capable of fighting the ISIS and hence, it is normal for Russia to support the force that can actually confront this dangerous phenomenon.

He stressed that the situation in Syria and fighting the ISIS will be the main focus of a speech due to be delivered by the Russia President Vladimir Putin before the United Nation General Assembly.

Mohammad Nassr/Qabas/Manal

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