Syria participates in Ramadan Festival of Tehran

Tehran, SANA- Event of “Ramadan Atmospheres in the Islamic States” was opened Thursday in Tehran with participation of 10 Islamic countries including Syria, represented by the Syrian Arab Cultural Center in Tehran.

Ramadan Festival aims at introducing the traditions and habits in the holy month of Ramadan at different Islamic nations, having the Iranian people and public opinion get acquainted with the nations’ celebrations of Ramadan atmospheres.

“Syria participation in this activity along with 10 Islamic states asserts strength of Ramadan heritage image in Syria and its originality which we seek to convey to the Iranian people,” Director of the Syrian cultural center Tarek Naser said in a statement.


He added the Syrian center also takes part in the festival of Syrian foods to show the Syrian kitchen flavors and its diversity during Ramadan, particularly the Syrian famous oriental sweets, Taboula, Shawrma and different drinks, like Irk Sous and Tamer Hindi.

Naser said the Syrian pavilion also includes tourist and historic pictures which display the most important locations and destinations in the country.


Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey are taking part in this festival.


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